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Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts Nightbird, Bumblebee, & More Spotted

The O5 was a marketing gimmick that lasted way too long and it ultimately went nowhere.

  • We accept users, who are really talented to create fan series, characters, items, mascots, and more.

  • At this point, Flame Princess and Ice King are engaging in a full-out war.

  • Weakened, Nova killed Annihilus by reaching inside his throat and ripping out his insides.

From touching upon Xavier blocking her power and underscoring said power to adding to her Phoenix mythos and addressing her relationship with Scott in a realistic and, ultimately, moving way, I think Bendis, Bunn, Hopeless, et al.

  • There, an army of Wakandan soldiers are joined by the Thing and several Avengers, and they are all getting ready for a fight against the Cotati, who are being held back by a protective energy field.

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  • While Arledge considers himself a die-hard fan, he says he knows where to draw the line emotionally — but experts at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center say some fans don't.