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Kotetsu questions her attitude toward being a hero and at first, she doesn't bother to listen.

  • She presumably met Zack later on when she got a raffle ticket from Zack at the shopping district in Japan to go to the island, although she admitted after arriving at the island that she recognized him from elsewhere, but couldn't put her finger on where exactly.

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  • She believes in helping others, and especially in that doing so nets a reward.

In Dead Or Alive 6 after defeating a brainwashed Ayane, Hayate carries over Honoka, who is unresponsive.

  • After the Phantasmal Fog was sealed away, Cream and Cheese appeared at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

  • She would later push Bronya down a staircase, which would break one of her legs.

  • A tiny little bear that is super soft and a perfect bedtime companion.

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