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HERE IT IS FINALLY; Keshe Plasma Energy Generator (MAGRAV) Blueprints Available For Download

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Plasma generator keshe Magravs

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Keshe Nano Plasma Technology for Healing and More

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Keshe and other free energy inventors, so that they can make their energy devices available to the public.

  • Mehran Keshe, via the Keshe Foundation and the Spaceship Institute, is now in the process of giving this new knowledge — — to the world for free, in the effort to clean up our planet and to realize world peace.

  • However, we are on the tipping point of yet another paradigm shift, of yet another advancement in science that will prove to be the greatest advancement the world has ever seen.

  • Where once there was darkness and confusion, now there is light and clarity.

I keep updating the visual tutorial as I progress with the work.

  • Si vous demandez à un physicien nucléaire théorique qu'est-ce qu'un électron? Nous avons constitué les dossiers pour trois procès en justice, chaque dossier avec le … initié.

  • Coal gets transformed into electrical energy that powers your home, and oil is transformed into mechanical energy that powers your car.

  • This discovery of new knowledge once again expanded our collective consciousness, expanding our understanding of how the world works.