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A photo of me in a bikini unedited.

  • Hayden Panettiere — a renowned actress who got the wide recognition playing a Claire on Heroes and Juliette on Nashville that resulted in a few solo singles.

  • Others have taken to Twitter to deny the leak altogether.

  • However the film actress Amy Poehler says, that having her naked pictures leaked online was boosting her self confidence.

She is of British Isles, German, Polish, and Jewish ancestry.

  • Discussion started popping up in threads all over the site about the morality of the event, whether it was stealing or not, and talks on invasion of privacy, pleas for Emma Watson photos, and random accusations of reddit's hypocrisy.

  • On Sep 20, a second batch of photos was released on 4chan, and then posted to reddit before they were quickly removed from the hosting sites.

  • While these things explore the ability for deepnudes to be used, I stand by the idea that, in a similar way to books, people will still seek out human connections.

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